Handmaking Hope is a Non-Governmental Organization focused on attempting to help raise funds for the education of the girl child in India: a country where girls are denied education and seen merely as objects of the patriarchy.

//  DESIGN  //
A concise inlet into the commissioned work I have done for national and governmental organizations in terms of digital design which includes but is not limited to graphic and web based work, 3D rendering, and product design.  
//  RESEARCH  //
An archive of all the academic research I have conducted, ranging from work in the theory and history of art and design, to scientific inquiry into the role of subjectivity in the study of the consciousness. 
//  FINE ART  //
Experimental drawings using traditional as well as  unconventional drawing materials and pushing the boundaries of a two-dimensional drawing. 
An exploration of artist's books which are reflective of societal and personal struggles which challenge the common perception of a book as a navigated and passive document. 
Experimental work from projections on bodies to the creation of a 3000 frame animation using a single sheet of paper and a quarter kilogram of charcoal.  
Installations which compel the eye as furiously as they do the body: a melange on site-specific & audience-dependent installations. 
Experiments with casting the body and parts of its derivatives using contemporary methods like alginate-casting as well the long-lost methods of Dhokra from India. 
Working with fabrics & conceptual material substitutes to create apparel which amplifies the voices of different communities and traditions. 
An ode to the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and the way I remember them, as outlined through a series of 4 artist books. 
A living archive of work created in response to the CoVID-19 pandemic of 2020, ranging from masks to landscapes of my quarantine. 
Visual works that aid one to curing the body through the illicit power of the mind. 
A dossier of all of my literary and commission based art publications. 
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